Our First Contract

Yesterday was champagne day. Pom & Lom signed the first contract of the label with us.
We are really proud of them to be our first artists. Discovered during a recent gig they played in a little bar, their project and energy are completely aligned with the label and we hope this our production will honor the emotion they send in playing live. Thank you Pom & Lom !

Their First Contract

It’s also Pom & Lom‘s first contract. After 4 years of existence they hadn’t found any label that completely match their musical spirit.

They come with the project to release a first EP with some challenges : how to deal with french and english song ? What sound will be the Pom & Lom sound ? Do they need to stay purely acoustic for the moment ?

wait & see…



Former sound-engineer and product designer, living for music. Founder of Simple Silence, I think that some artists deserve better than staying unknown.