Premier Mot

By Simple Silence

Release Date : 14 November 2016
Available Format : Digital

A Presentation of Premier Mot

Premier Mot is the original soundtrack of a short film realized for the 48h Film Project in Montpellier, for the team Clapman & Bobine.

The film take place in a distopian world where woman are not allowed to talk, in penalty of death. Dark, deep and oppressive, this short film needed a soundtrack that sustain the emotion of the topic and play with the concept of women not allowed to talk.

How it was created

Premier Mot was composed, recorded, mix and mastered in 36 hours during the 48 hours the team get to create the short movie.

The melody is inspired of Debussy light and emotive piano on Clair de Lune, then doubled with cellos to sustain the emotion and violins to create tension and oppression.

We decide to record the melody sung by a woman voice, so most fragile and light possible. Judith came to record the melody, then we let her improvised on the cellos and violin chord progression, only saying we wanted some arabic rooted vocals.

This is how lyrics were recorded on Distopia and Two Kind of People.

Beside vocals, an itneresting composition fact on this EP is that everything was composed and performed in order to be easy to edit when being put on the short film. As everything as to be done in 48 hours, the film was shot and edited during the composition and recording. That mean that we were composing without any idea of what the film would look like. So to simplify any cut and transition between tracks, every of its are composed on they same Key and same tempo.


1 – Execution – 1:13
2 – My Silent World + Dystopia – 2:14
3 – Forbidden Talks + Sacrifice – 1:44
4 – Two Kind of People – 1:36


Composed, performed and recorded by Berenger Caminade for Simple Silence. Vocals improvised and performed by Judith Angot from Les Poutres Apparentes.

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