Simple Silence Is Alive !

From Signing to releasing, Simple Silence is already a funny adventure, and I want to share some of it in this news.

From creation…

The idea of creating a label came progressively. I was walking on an afternoon when I heard a street musician playing guitar and singing. She was really talented. I said to myself “what a pity I can’t record her”, and I go back home. But as a former sound engineer, I never resigned myself to sell my audio gears. When I was back home, I saw this rack of unused gears and realize that actually, I could have record her.

From an idea to another, the project was built. It first consisted in recording live studio sessions with street musician, and then just offering real studio session to street musician, and when I realize i would really like to help artists build and release their projects, the label format appear as the most relevant thing I could do.

In the end of September, I was signing a non-profit creation forms for Simple Silence with my father who directly joined the project and now our treasurer.

To Release…

As any adventure of entrepreneurship (yes, I consider a non-profit as an enterprise), the beginning of the story consisted in doing everything except sound engineering and production. We build and treat a room to record, created our contract models, deals with the french administration, build this website…


And finally, here we are, 2 month after the beginning, publishing our label, our first soundtrack realized during a 48h short film contest, we will soon announce our first contract with our first artist, and this is where the adventure really begin.



Former sound-engineer and product designer, living for music. Founder of Simple Silence, I think that some artists deserve better than staying unknown.