Fission is a nuclear reaction between Jazz and Rock born from the good chemistry of its members : Jimmy Coste, Toussaint Guerre, Jarod Begusic and Pedro Coudsi.

On WAVES // AND // FLOW, their first album release on april 2019, their music is inspire from a Kid A on which Thom Yorke would have invited Jeff Beck to play on, from a King Crimson who would have hired Tigran Hamasyan as a pianist, or from an Exoconference realized by Jim Jarmusch.

Just as in the rock, guitar riffs take the lead. However, juste as in the jazz, those themes are developed by improvising… Yes… Still… Just as in the rock, guitars and keyboards are boosted with effect pedals. Yeah. Stiiiiiilll… Just as in Jazz, musician used more than 3 chords in the song…

Actualy, Fission infringe rules they don’t even have. I a kind of improvised rock, or like a not boring jazz.

Line Up

  • Jimmy Coste : Guitars & Keyboards – composition.
  • Pedro Coudsi : Drums
  • Toussaint Guerre : Keyboard and Saxophone
  • Jarod Begusic : Bass Guitar



Fission is a quartet form Montpellier. Their music is going from rock to jazz and back. They released their first album with Simple Silence on april 2019.