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Bartleby – Il Faudra Bien Que Quelqu’Un l’Aime | SSLS #6

SED Trio – Prière : Crepuscule – SSLS#5

SED Trio – Dad – SSLS#4

FISSION – The Floor Pt.2 – SSLS#3

FISSION – Playcool – SSLS#2

Judith – La Mauvaise Mine – SSLS#1


Lives Sessions are live music videos fully produced and realised by Simple Silence. Small emotional test laboratory, Live Sessions aspire to capture a pure and intimate performance of an artist.
In the fashion of street photography, Live Sessions aspire to use frugality and simplicity to focus what’s really important: the artist presence, an exclusive performance, the Cartier-Bresson’s « instant décisif » applied to music.
After some iterations, we know that Live Session will more likely follow certain path like the sequence-shot which imply a real live performance and a continuous temporality.
In laboratories, an experimentation needs to run multiple iteration to be validated. On our Live Session, the production process was too cumbersome and only allowed a yearly frequency. We did the choice of lightering the logistic and the gear used. This choice may possible to produce more Live Session and make us closer to the street photography process.

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